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Cliff & Jodie Vieira - owners of Crafted DIY Studio & Bar, Peoria, IL


Crafted DIY Studio & Bar

was founded by Jodie & Cliff Vieira

Jodie grew up in central Illinois and is excited to own a small business here in Peoria.  She has a background in accounting but her true passion has always been creating. Whether that be jewelry, painting, signs, or home renovation Jodie is happiest when she is making something. Through Crafted DIY Studio & Bar she is able to share this passion with others. 

Cliff grew up as a military brat moving from place to place every couple of years. Going to college at the University of Illinois is the longest time he's ever lived in one place. Since graduating he has worked at Caterpillar guiding and assisting dealers in growing their business. 

Cliff and Jodie have moved around a lot so they understand the importance of community and are proud to be contributing to the growing scene in the Warehouse District. They are especially excited to give back to this wonderful community through Crafted's Drink To Donate campaign.

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