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Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas in Peoria

Are you planning a bachelorette party in Central Illinois? Believe it or not, there are plenty of fun bachelorette party ideas in Peoria that go way beyond your typical bar hopping (although that could always be added in!) Below we’ve outlined several fun and unique activities that are sure to please the bride and her friends!

An Active Party

If you’re looking for a way to move your body or experience the outdoors, then these active bachelorette party ideas are for you. For the art buffs, Let’s Roam offers an interactive tour of the riverfront and downtown areas to see the stunning sculptures the area has to offer. Start off the day with this tour and see if any of the unique restaurants and bars pique your interest–that way, you can stop and start again at any time to keep the party rolling. 

If walking through downtown isn’t your thing, maybe a nature hike would suit your group. Two of our favorite spots for a more vigorous exercise are Forest Park Nature Center and Rocky Glen Park; check out Bradley Park or Glen Oak Park for more of a picnic-style celebration

A Relaxing Party

Maybe walking or hiking isn’t the bride’s idea of fun. If she’s the type of bride who likes to kick back and relax. If that’s the case, here are some relaxing bachelorette party ideas near Peoria IL:


For the wine aficionado you could enjoy a relaxing day tasting local wines and enjoying the beautiful scenery at either Old Mill Vineyard in Metamora or Mackinaw Valley Vineyard in Mackinaw, both of which are just a short drive away.


Another option is to unwind with a healing yoga session at Soulside Healing Arts or a restorative class at The Yoga Projekt. And for the ultimate relaxation, indulge in a spa day at Zen Nail Lounge to get matching manicures and pedicures and enjoy each other’s company.

A Unique Party

Looking for a completely memorable experience for your closest group of girlfriends? The following ideas are a great start for a unique bachelorette party experience: 


If giving your attendees some life skills sounds like an intriguing bachelorette party, attend a cooking class at The Cookery in Morton and have your dinner plans taken care of too!


Another unique option is axe throwing–but don’t worry, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. Gone Axe Throwing allows attendees to go through a bit of friendly competition–test out who could hit the target with a hatchet all while enjoying libations (if that’s something you’re into!)


And lastly, a bachelorette party at Crafted DIY Studio & Bar is not only a unique party idea, but can be considered relaxing with some of our more methodical projects like watercolor paintings and macrame, or more active with crafts like string art and wine caddies. At Crafted, every guest selects from over 15 different kinds of projects with countless customizations so everyone walks away with a project that is uniquely them. Of course, you may also all do projects like leather wrapped flasks or stamped necklaces to utilize on the big day–it’s completely up to you!


You could start your day off with a Making and Mimosas morning crafting session, schedule a midday party or even have an early dinner followed up by a visit to Crafted. With more than 15 different projects and endless options, the bride and all of her guests are sure to find something they love. Not only will you have a fun time together, but you will all walk away with something to show for it.

With all of these great bachelorette party ideas, you can’t go wrong. The hardest part will be choosing what to do

(psst, you should go to Crafted)!  

Bachelorette Party showing projects at Crafted DIY Studio & Bar
Bachelorette Party at Crafted DIY Studio & Bar
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