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Make This Year’s Birthday Something to Remember

Birthdays--whether it’s something you look forward to every year or if it’s just another date on the calendar, it should always be utilized as an excuse to do something a little different than your day-to-day life. Dinner? You have that every day. Movies? Who goes to movies any more when we’ve got thousands of them waiting at home. 


We’re always looking for something to celebrate around here and we think that a birthday is the perfect way to try something new to start your year off right. Here’s just a few of the many reasons why Crafted DIY Studio and Bar stands as a unique birthday party in Peoria IL. 

Get together with friends

After a long year of not seeing friends, you probably have a lot of life to catch up on. Which also means you probably need an activity that’s going to take longer than just dinner and dessert. At Crafted, you have a three-hour reservation all to yourselves. Choose a fast craft like our concrete coasters and have the rest of the session to chat. Or, fill up the time with one of our lengthier string art projects or painted signs and keep your hands busy the whole time. Either way, you’ve got a reason to catch up with friends that doesn’t make you feel like you are out of place or in a crowded space. 

Create a lasting memory

While crafting experience may help, it is certainly not necessary around here. If you can read or look at pictures, even the novice crafter can breeze through our step-by-step craft instructions. That means, by the end of your birthday celebration you have a wonderful memento of the year. Useful items like the leather wallet and beverage caddy allow you to carry around these great memories with you. Or, every time you take a look at your stunning macrame project, you know exactly where you were and what a great time you were having while making it. 

Celebrate with tasty beverages

Our balanced cocktails with fresh squeezed juices and homemade simple syrups make for an experience that you will remember for a long time. Even if you’re not a drinker, non-alcoholic spirits give the same experience (just without the headache the next day!) Locally brewed beer and crisp wine pair nicely with any project too. No matter what, our beverages are sure to hit the spot and get the party rolling. 


We think you’re pretty cool. Which is also why we think you deserve this birthday to stand out from the others. Book your reservation today for some fun birthday party ideas today!

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