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3 Easy Crafts That Boost
Your Artsy Side

For some, they scroll through the internet, constantly collecting new ideas for projects and crafts to do. For others, using paint or choosing colors creatively isn’t something they have done since elementary school. The latter may find the idea of crafting quite daunting, especially if it isn’t something that comes naturally to them. No matter what side of the spectrum you fall on, here are three easy fundamental crafts to boost your creativity:

String Art

The designs for string art that get shared on social media the most are shared because they are complicated. While they are impressive and are certainly something to admire, it sets an unrealistic expectation for the craft. Really, it only takes a piece of scrap wood from the last home project, loose nails, some time and an affordable roll of string from the local super-grocery store to get back to art basics. 


If you have a printer at home or at the office, you can easily print off your favorite design from a simple web search to create your string art. This way, you simply set the nails through the paper and rip it off (gently!) before stringing. Or, use a ruler and pencil to sketch a geometric design onto your surface. Here are some tips to start of this simple craft idea at home:

  • Err on the side of caution: Every nail you place will turn into at least two times more work down the line when you are stringing the design

  • Keep it tidy: Geometric designs can be successful with just an outline. Start there are see if you need to add more nails and fill in the spaces in your design.

  • Mind the design: Curvy shapes need more nails to keep the design. Be sure to keep your design in mind while you’re stringing so that you do not fall outside of the pattern.


Ideally, this project only requires some simple materials and a bit of concentration. The mechanics only require tactile skills in hammering and a few knots to start and end your string. However, you can feel free to throw as much creativity as you would like at it to turn it from simple to stunning. 


Whether you know it from your days at summer camp, or you only witnessed it in the form of your mother’s plant hangers growing up, macrame is a simple and relatively affordable way to get back to a hobby in art. A purchase made on an online mega-retailer will send these materials straight to your door--no trip to a daunting crafting store required! 


Most macrame projects only require one or two knots. This is even true for some of the masterpieces you see on social media! Truly, all it takes is a bit of time. Soon, you could have a plant hanger or piece of wall decor that will get your creative juices flowing once again. Our tips for you are to start small--first, get the knots down with an online tutorial for a keychain and graduate up. Then, use found objects like stones and sticks to root your projects and continue to experiment with the look of things. 


Realistically, macrame is one of the most versatile and low-pressure crafts out there. Don’t care for the look of your project? Simply loosen the knots and try again. For inspiration, take a look at the macrame projects we offer to the masses--it will start you down the right weaving path. 


In the studio, we are big fans of the simplicity of our jewelry projects. With just a few techniques to learn, you can turn a spool of wire and a bag of your favorite beads into a pair of earrings, bracelet or necklace in as little as twenty minutes. No, seriously--twenty minutes is all it takes to create a beautiful pair of earrings or a dainty bracelet. 


Starting off, there is a small upfront cost for materials and some specialized tools. Keep it simple; there are often sets sold in stores that will set you on the right path. Then, a quick online tutorial or a visit to Crafted DIY Studio to learn the basics of jewelry making gets you on your journey a fun and rewarding new hobby--complete with affordable holiday gifts to give away!


Start up your crafty side at Crafted DIY Studio

With this all said, you can leave behind buying all the extra tools and materials; make a reservation at Crafted to get an introduction to a new hobby before you make the investment. Certainly, book a spot with our team and have a great time while trying out a new skill and see what arts and crafts in Peoria IL are waiting for you.

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