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What does the price include?

The the project price includes everything you will need for your project: tools, materials, instructions. It does not include drinks, we sell drinks separately and they range in price from $4-$12. We have handcrafted cocktails, craft beers, wines, as well as non-alcoholic options.

Do we need to make a reservation?

Reservations are strongly recommended but we do take walk-ins as space allows.

Can I have my birthday party/team building/bachelorette party here?

ABSOLUTELY! We love parties! Please contact us to reserve a private table during regular hours, or book the whole space during off-hours.

When do we choose our projects?

You choose your project when you get here. No need to decide beforehand, all of our projects are available all of the time. AND, you get to do your own thing! No need do the same thing as anyone else.

Can I just come in for a drink?

Of Course! We have a bar stool with your name on it! Most of the time our tables are reserved for crafting, but we have bar seating, window seating, as well as an amazing pink crushed velvet sofa just asking for someone to drink a cocktail at! Additionally, our back Craft Yard is available (weather permitting) to enjoy a drink!


Are there any non-alcoholic drink options?

Why yes there are! So glad you asked, we have cane sodas, coffee, and a delightful Fruit Fizz made with muddled mint and fruit. But our specialty is making many of our handcrafted cocktails boozeless by substituting the booze with an alcohol-less spirit. It is a spirit made from botanicals, much like any liquor, with the added step of processing the alcohol out. What you're left with is a complex alcohol-less spirit, that we include in our delicious concoction. If you're off the booze, ask for our Boozeless Mocktail options next time you're in! 

Do you have food?

We do have a few snack items available for sale (gourmet popcorn & crunchy cheese) but you are also welcome to bring in your own food or have it delivered. Zion, next door, has amazing Avocado Toast you could bring in, or Sugar across the street makes wood-fired pizza. 

Are kids allowed?

We love tiny humans, in fact we have a couple of our own running around! That being said, the projects would be difficult for young children and even older children will probably need your help. We have a menu for kids to help point you in the right direction though, so if you are willing to help, then we are more than happy for you to bring your older child in for a regular Craft & Drink Session (don't worry, we have non-alcoholic drinks - did somebody say root beer float?). 

Do you do classes/workshops?

We are very much looking forward to offering classes and workshop, f you are an artist who would like to lead a class, please contact us at and hopefully we can make plans for the future. We do partner with local artists to offer artist-led classes. Please see our Reservations page to see the latest offering.

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