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Affordable Home Decor You’ll Love To Make

Have you ever just been sitting in your house and, all of the sudden, you look around and just NEED something to change? We have definitely been there. Unfortunately, that moment always seems to happen when funds are tight and free time is limited. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars or spend days on a fresh look in your home. Here are some of our simple projects you can do yourself to freshen up your home decor: 

Macrame Wall Hanging - DIY Project make your own affordable home decor


You have seen it on Instagram, you have seen it on your trendy friend’s wall: macrame is back in style and it is cuter than ever. Plant hangers, intricate hoops and even macrame throw pillow cases are all over the internet. But what if we told you that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get started, only to have a bunch of leftover supplies you have no idea what to do with? Our macrame hoop and wall hanging DIY kits are simple yet elegant and come with step-by-step instructions that any member of the family can follow.

Macrame Hoop - DIY Project - spend a fun afternoon creating your own affordable home decor

String Art

Maybe you’ve seen string art in home decor stores that have hundreds of nails and a bunch of different colors. Maybe you’ve thought to yourself: “that must have taken forever!” And we’re here to tell you that string art is a great way to add a touch of character in your home without taking more than just an hour or two. In fact, our mini string art kits are so simple that they can keep the attention span of even the littlest crafters in your household. 


Additionally, string art allows you to let your creativity flow in a few ways. First, we have plenty of designs for both individual mini string art and string art sets. Additionally, you get to choose the look of the string art itself. Do you go minimalistic? Or do you fill it in randomly until your heart’s content? Both methods give you a new craft which you’re proud to hang up on your wall. Freshen up your kid’s room, your bathroom or your hallway with our easy and endlessly fun string art kits.

Beverage Caddy

Now, we know what you’re thinking: there is absolutely no way I’d be able to put something like this together. But with our easy, gradual instructions, you will have a completed caddy before you know it. The best part of this project is that there are so many functions to it beyond a beverage caddy. Sure, you can show up to a barbeque with this in hand and impress your friends--but you can use it in other ways, too. 


Our beverage caddy’s rustic look allows for great home decor opportunities. Having a dinner party? Set this in the middle of the table and use it to house utensils for the evening. Can’t figure out how to rangle the makeup stash? With some inexpensive mason jars, you’ve got a makeup organizer that looks fit for a grown-up. This beverage caddy will look great on and off of the shelf.

Beverage Caddy - fun activity in Peoria - diy woodworking - fun birthday party ideas peoria

So, the next time a room calls your name for some new home decor, don’t spend a bunch of money on something you can make yourself. And don’t spend days refurbishing something questionable. Instead, order one of our DIY kits and have home decor with character, style and good memories.

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