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3 Reasons to Have a Drink at Crafted DIY Studio & Bar

We’ve all been there: you’re out on the town and you’ve exhausted all your old haunts. It’s not that you’re tired of them…but you definitely searched “bars near me in Peoria IL” when your friends weren’t looking so that you could be the cool one to suggest a new place.

Well, we’d like to take away some of the stress on your next outing with three reasons to have a drink at our studio:

Immaculate Vibes

If you’ve been to our studio, you’ll know exactly what we mean by this. Light and airy decor, smell of fresh paint and cut wood, comfy seats…we could go on and on. But of course, if you haven’t been in to drink with us, we’re not mad (maybe just a little hurt).

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When you choose to drink at Crafted, you’re greeted with a friendly team who is happy to have you in. Have a seat at the bar, at our window seat or on a bench in our Craftyard and you’ll have one of our Craftenders set you up with a drink you’ll love and coloring books to pass the time. No, we may not have TVs, but have you experienced the long-lost art of actually hanging out with the people you’ve surrounded yourself with? I don’t know about you, but I feel like that’s better than a rerun of How I Met Your Mother any day of the week.

Fresh Ingredients

We’ll never knock the ol’ Jack and Coke. It’s a classic for a reason. However, you won’t find either of those things in our well. Instead, you’ll find hand-squeezed fresh citrus juices and simple syrups made with high-quality ingredients to sweeten your beverage.

fresh ingredients, bars near me Peoria IL

Looking for something off-menu? We may be able to accommodate (just don’t tell our owner/mixologist, Jodie). These ingredients mean if you’re looking for a skinny margarita to fit your keto lifestyle, we can do that! If you’re looking for a vodka lemonade, you’ll receive one made with Tito’s and the freshest lemonade around–not well vodka and something out of a gun. Now, this may all seem a little aggressive; we just think for around the same price as other one-and-done mixed drinks, you should receive a high quality beverage when you’re drinking with us.

Drink to Donate

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And of course, when you choose to have some bevvies with us, you’re actually choosing the philanthropic option. That’s because fifty cents of every drink we pour goes to rotating monthly charities. Ever since we opened our doors in March of 2020 (yeah, now that’s a story for a different time), our drinkers have helped us raise thousands of dollars toward local charities such as the Center for Prevention of Abuse, Ep!c, the Peoria Jaycees and more. So, whether you crack open a cold craft cream soda or enjoy one of our meticulously handcrafted cocktails, they can all taste a bit better knowing that you’re doing it for the community.

Bars Near Me Peoria IL

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Just isn’t something you’ll have to search for a while now that you’ve got the in. In fact, you’ll be able to sway any one of your friends with the idea of a round of Bang the Blade shots in our Craftyard to get the competition going. So no, you don’t have to craft when you're here; you just get to enjoy a great new place for some handcrafted cocktails.

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