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DIY Projects That Make the Best Gifts

Welcome to the official start of the gift-giving season. Whether you’ve already cranked Mariah or you’re more of a green Whoville resident, we’ve got the projects that will delight any recipient. Not only are these crafts gorgeous and easy to make, but they have a major wow factor with the fact that you made them yourself. Now, if you decide not to share with Grandma that you got to drink while you made her present is your prerogative–we certainly won’t spill the beans. Here are some great handmade gifts that are sure to be a hit:

Beverage Caddies

These wooden beauties give guests some experience in sanding, staining (or painting!) and building–but don’t be scared. Beverage caddies come together surprisingly fast and are rather straightforward.

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Stain the wood to match the recipients’ outdoor patio or kitchen cabinets to really make it personal, or add one of our beverage decals to make it a little cheeky while utilizing the bottle opener on the side. Add on some chalkboard paint to the side slats and create a customizable caddy for condiments, paint brushes, utensils…you name it! Or, of course, keep it simple and stash it in the closet for that last minute white elephant exchange…just don’t forget to fill it with some beverages first!

Painted Signs

We hear it all the time in the studio…once a group is admiring one another’s work, inevitably someone will comment on a painted sign: “it looks like you could buy that at Hobby Lobby!”

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Now, what can’t happen at the big box stores is customizing the perfect color combination for that special someone, or customizing the five star rating on the “would poop here again sign” to make a joke for that comedic family member. From funny to heartfelt to holiday options, there is surely a design that is sure to make the perfect handmade gift.

Leather Wallets, Koozies and Flasks

Leather projects are just begging for customizations. Stamp your own inside joke or be inspired by Pinterest–there are no wrong answers!

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Bring in the kiddos to have them make Grandpa the perfect wallet in his favorite color with a heartfelt message. Create a koozie (or coldy-holdy, for those regional folks) for your outdoorsy friend to utilize on their summer camping excursions. Or, of course, you could make your own flask to keep the holidays…festive! These leather options are a crowd favorite as they are almost endlessly customizable.

Handmade Gifts in Peoria IL

Finding the perfect gift doesn’t have to be so hard–in fact, it can be the perfect excuse to have a date night or a night out with friends because you’re really just checking something off your to-do list! Of course, if these gifts aren’t tickling your fancy, we have nearly 20 different projects to choose from–all with step-by-step tutorials and friendly Craftenders to assist you along the way. Make your reservation or book your holiday party to get in on the fun today!

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