Pre-drilled so little crafters can do their very own string art!


Pre-drilling the wood takes the guess work out of where to place the nails and makes hammering a breeze. The little ones will be so proud of their creation!  


FAQ: What age is this appropriate for?

Youngest:  Our 4 year old painted the wood and hammered in all of the nails by himself. He did need quite a bit of help with stringing the yarn. Our 6 year old practically did everything herself. If you're unsure, ask yourself if you're comfortable with the kid weilding a hammer? If not, then probably too young!

Oldest: Even I enjoyed making this project, so kids at heart!


Included: (All materials needed)

Pre-Drilled Wood Square


Paint Brush




Hanging Hardware


Excludes: (Common Household items)




*Please note: paint is not washable

Kids - String Art

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