Gift a project to the Children's Hospital!


We have chosen simple projects that don't require many tools so kids at the Children's Hospital can have a fun activity to keep them occupied during their stay. They'll be so proud of their creations, maybe they will keep them for themselves, or maybe they will gift them to their family members. Either way, you will brighten their day with your generous gift!


You choose the project, and we'll take care of the rest!

Mini Wood Painting - $12

Hand Painted Ornaments - $12

Painted Sign - $38

Macrame Hoop - $38

Macrame Wall Hanging - $38 


*Details- we have worked with the Children's Hospital to choose projects that will work well in that environment, that means no hammers, and minimal tools necessary. We will make deliveries once a week to drop off projects, we will make design selections so they have a variety to choose from. We are so excited to be able to provide a bright spot to these families that are experiencing extreme hardship. Thank you for helping us!

Gift Project to Children's Hospital