Makes 2 Premium Cocktails


Making your own craft cocktails at home has never been easier! With our ROSEMARY COSMO MIX you'll be sipping on your delicious drinks, full of seasonal flavors, in only two steps. 


Step 1: Cut a hole in a that. Add rim seasoning to your glass.


Step 2: Mix rosemary cosmo mix, vodka, and ice. Enjoy!


We make our Rosemary Cosmo Mix in house with premium ingredients. Cranberries, Rosemary, and Orange combine to create an intoxicating elixir that will perfectly pair with your holiday meal!


Includes: 4 oz Housemade Cocktail Mix

Excludes: Liquor - 4 oz total (Vodka)


**PLEASE NOTE** Alcohol is NOT included in the kit


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