This String Art DIY Kit completely customizable with your choice of design, stain or paint color, and string color! This project comes with 1 background color (paint or stain) and 2 string colors. Additional colors can be added on for $2 each:

  • Add on an additional paint color here. 
  • Add additional string colors here.



Step by Step Photo Tutorial

1 piece of wood or MDF 11" x 11" 


Stain or Paint (your choice, if you choose paint you will receive MDF, if you choose stain you will receive pine)

Paint Brush


Packet of Nails

String (One main color and one accent color)

Hanging Hardware


Excludes: (common household items)







As examples, if you wanted to make the projects pictured above you would place your order in the following ways:

For the Elephant Choose:

  Design: 13 - Elephant

  Paint or Stain Color: 11 - Blue Paint

  Main String Color: 1 - White

  Accent String Color: None

  Add-On Paint ($2.00 Separate Listing): 1 - Black Paint 

  *Or you could just use black paint from home to mix with the blue to get a darker color like the project shown in the photo.


For the Fox Choose:

  Design: 12 - Fox

  Paint or Stain Color: 14 - Light Stain

  Main String Color: 10 - Orange

  Accent String Color: 1 - White

String Art

Paint or Stain Color
Main String Color
Accent String Color
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