Larger string art project now available, completely customizable with your choice of design, stain or paint color, and string color! This project comes with 1 background color (paint or stain) and 2 string colors. Additional colors can be added on for $2 each:

  • Add on an additional paint color here. 
  • Add additional string colors here.



Step by Step Photo Tutorial

1 piece of wood 11" x 11"


Stain or Paint (your choice)

Paint Brush


Packet of Nails

String (One main color and one accent color)

Hanging Hardware


Excludes: (common household items)







As examples, if you wanted to make the projects pictured above you would place your order in the following ways:

For the Elephant Choose:

  Design: 13 - Elephant

  Paint or Stain Color: 11 - Blue Paint

  Main String Color: 1 - White

  Accent String Color: None

  Add-On Paint ($2.00 Separate Listing): 1 - Black Paint 

  *Or you could just use black paint from home to mix with the blue to get a darker color like the project shown in the photo.


For the Fox Choose:

  Design: 12 - Fox

  Paint or Stain Color: 14 - Light Stain

  Main String Color: 10 - Orange

  Accent String Color: 1 - White

String Art

Paint or Stain Color
Main String Color
Accent String Color

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