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Things to do Peoria

Unique Things to Do in Peoria You Can Walk To

Peoria certainly has its gems: from great restaurants, to shops, to public art. The River City does not fail to provide plenty of opportunities for a fun day out. However, many of these activities are spread across the city, meaning that you either have to drive or, if having a few drinks, use ride sharing to get to where you want to go. But it doesn’t have to be this way--the Warehouse District offers plenty of things to do in Peoria, all within walking distance. 


The Sculpture Walk is a great free option to spend some time and to witness art from across the country.  Every year, the Peoria Art Guild displays large scale sculptures that are accompanied with self-led tours with notes directly from the artists. Take a stroll at your own pace down Washington Street and find yourself just minutes away from Water Street, an area near the Warehouse District with plenty of things to do. 


During the warm months, live music is the name of the game across Peoria. And the Warehouse District as well as the Peoria RiverFront are some of the area’s largest, most consistent venues. Water Street from Martini’s to Kelleher’s almost weekly becomes the spot for outdoor concerts and festivals. Surely, if you’re a fan of music, you’ll be a fan of these fun  places in Peoria.


If you’re looking for anything from a cup of coffee and a bite up to eat to a full 3-course dinner, the Warehouse District can provide. At Zion Coffee, grab a locally-roasted cup of joe and an order of avocado toast featuring fresh bread from Ardor. At Thyme or Sugar, enjoy artfully crafted meals from wood-fired pizzas to duck and salmon. While Casa de Arte has you covered if you're craving some tacos. Indeed, the Warehouse District has plenty of places to eat that will leave you satisfied and happy.


For a great date night or good times with friends, the Warehouse District offers some of the best drinks in Peoria. Find locally-brewed beer at Rhodell Brewery and Bearded Owl Brewing. Tap into your inner kid with a nostalgic gaming experience at 8Bit Arcade Bar. For drinks with fresh-squeezed juices and top-quality ingredients, visit us at Crafted DIY Studio & Bar.

While you’re here at Crafted, reserve a spot for a crafting session and stay a while! Enjoy a creative space and walk out with one of our completed projects. Or, take a look at our DIY kits and work from home after a great day of walking through the Warehouse District. Whatever you choose to do, there are so many fun and unique things to do in Peoria.

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