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4 Date Night Ideas in Peoria IL to Explore the City

In Peoria, Illinois, there are certainly plenty of things to do: shops to enjoy, movies to watch and places to explore. When it comes to choosing what to do for date night, however, the oh-so-important task of planning the evening can be a bit nerve-wracking. As it just so happens, we’ve been there before and are here to help. Indeed, there are plenty of different kinds of dates to go on while in the River City. Here are four date night ideas Peoria has to offer:

The Foodie

In nearly every metropolitan area, there are a few hidden restaurant gems that serve as the perfect spot for a date night. Here, there is simply no shortage of delicious restaurants to impress your honey with. The amount of different genres alone is impressive: whiskey bars, barbecue, Vietnamese and plenty of Irish fare--the list seems to go on and on. It may almost seem daunting; with our suggestions, it doesn’t have to be.

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On our date nights, we like to break it down into sections of town. Find an area that has a lot to choose from and you simply cannot go wrong. From the Peoria Heights, to the Riverfront and the Warehouse District, once you choose an area of town, branch out and go see it! Have an appetizer and drinks one place; eat the main course at another. Find dessert down the street and have after-dinner libations at yet another! Not only does this scream like this took forever to plan (it doesn’t!)--it’s a fun way to ensure that the date doesn’t go stale.

Tacos from Casa De Arte

photo credit: @lovevivv on Instagram

The Adventurer

If your date has a bit of adventurer inside of them, Peoria has no limit to natural wonders in it and close by to wow them. Furthermore, hiking as a date fit in both a workout and a chance to bond all at the same time. We think this one is great for first dates and seasoned relationships alike.

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Spending time outside at the Forest Park Nature Center, Rocky Glen Park or Laura Bradley Park relieves a lot of the pressure that date night can bring. Indeed, a nice hike doesn’t require a lot of conversation; however, we think the flexibility of hiking or even just a stroll in the great outdoors allows for whatever the date may bring you.

Photo credit: David Vernon on Instagram

The Thinker

If you’ve spent some time in your relationship with your partner, you know that dinner and a movie is fun but it may not spark as much joy as it did in the first few dates. In this idea, we feel that the best way to connect is to learn something new together.

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Visit the Riverfront Museum or take a tour with the Peoria Historical Society, or see what the Peoria Art Guild has going on and you’ll have a new topic to think and talk about for the rest of the evening. Then, after the trip, stop by and have a beverage in the Warehouse District.

Everyone Plays In Peoria- photo credit @Bob Albin on Instagram

The Do It Yourself-er

Perhaps the one of the most rewarding feelings you can have is accomplishing a project together. In fact, our other date ideas all have conversation and personal growth in them but they are lacking one thing: lasting evidence of your time spent together. At Crafted, we offer a variety of projects so you can both find a project that piques your interest. Enjoy a craft cocktail, craft beer or glass of wine and dive into a totally new and unique date.

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Once you have your completed project, you’ve created more than just a macrame piece or leather item. In fact, you’ll have plenty of conversation, good laughs and drinks to think back on as well!

At Crafted, you have up to three hours to complete your project and enjoy your time with your significant other. Of course, we do have projects that only take a fraction of that if you have other plans throughout the night! To reserve a spot for your next date night, click here.

Whether you've lived in the River City all your life, or if you're just stopping through, there is always a constant stream of activities and new experiences to be discovered. These date night ideas in Peoria IL are just a small sampling of what the city has to offer--you never know what you'll experience if you try something new!

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