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Can we come in just for a drink?

Yes you can! Enjoy a drink at our bar, in the back craftyard, or on Adams Street weather permitting. Our drinks are too good to keep away!

Can I bring in kids?

Yes! We have a menu to guide you through which craft options may work better for littles. For teens or anyone under eighteen we need a parent or guardian to sign a studio waiver at the beginning of their crafting session. Kids under 16 need a responsible adult to stay in-studio while they craft. We offer a wide range of soda and non-alcoholic options as well! 

What's the food situation?

We offer light snacks, (really good) popcorn and pretzels in a variety of flavors, but because we don't have a kitchen we also welcome outside food. Just let a Craftender know and we can even provide you a little pop-up table to keep food out of your crafting space! 

Why does my reservation say 15 minutes?

15 minutes is just the time you have to show up for your reservation before we give you a courtesy call. Craft sessions last for 3 hours! Our projects take anywhere from 1-3 hours to complete.

What's the price?

The price varies as everything is ordered a-la-carte, much like a restaurant. Crafts range from $35-$45 and drinks range from $4-$13. One craft and one drink will run from $39-$58 before tax. You'll settle the tab at the end of your session, and everyone in your group is welcome to pay seperately.

What's included?

The price of the craft includes all of the materials, use of specialty tools, customization options such as colors or patterns, detailed instructions - and most importantly the help of our wonderful staff to assure your success.

Do I need a reservation?

If you are sure you would like to come craft with us - it doesn't hurt. We usually have room for walk-ins, but if we are at capacity we will have to turn you away. There is no cost to reserve, we simply hold card info for the event of a no-show, so if something comes up please contact us in advance. Read our full cancelation policy on the booking page.

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